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A bright idea, for a foggy little island...

Founded on the idea that scent is the greatest sense for memory. Nantucket Candle Co ensures the spirit of the island remains with you - near or far. By working with a botanist from the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, we create scents that evoke memories from the island’s most cherished locations. To ensure the island remains protected for years to come, a portion of the of the proceeds from each candle sold are donated to the Nantucket Conservation Foundation. That’s a little something we like to call giving bACK.


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Our Story

Nantucket Candle Company proves that history really does repeat itself. As a whaling capital and hub for business in the 19th century, one of Nantucket’s commodities were candles made from whale and local beeswax—considered akin to fine china of the day serving Paris and London as clients. Wanting to pay homage to the island’s heritage, Nantucket Candle Company partnered ushered this tradition into the 21st century in a more sustainable way. We replace the whale component of the candle with a coconut wax blend while keeping beeswax from Nantucket. Driven by the desire to embody the Nantucket experience in a product and tap into the connection between scent and memory, Nantucket Candle Company creates scents infused with elements from the island’s most precious places. In short, our candles keep you on island, even when you’re off…

Give the gift of Sconset

Looking for something for someone special? Gift them the scent of the Sconset!